Sunday, February 3, 2008

nice start to the season

nice start to the season today: got away first lap, Brian bridged after a lap or two and they never caught us!


boschinator said...

great job today joel. you were ripping my legs off!

Coby said...

Congratulations guys, see you next week!

Big Boy Petersen said...


Just a quick mail to say good luck on the season. I have been looking like crazy for a link to the race program so we can follow you guys... Maybe we will all just receive emails each Monday with the minutes of the race and a link the pictures and results?

I also have to leave a comment after I noticed Tim's blog where he had modified his Jersey... First of all, if you have to make a size small - smaller you need to come over to my house and eat so we can put a stop and that kind of BS.
I can't help smile when I noticed the pictures of the "re-tailored" shirt.... I hope you kept the piece they cut out - I need it! Being 6'6" and 260bls does not help when getting in my SPOC out fit... I have the XXL and it is tight (like painted on). Not only could it had made my jersey more comfy it could also have give the sponsors more "surface area". Who cares that your jersey says "Sa Pacific Opedic Center" when mine would have said "SierrSirrea OrthOrthopedic & Spinespin Center".

I guess I just need to get more out on the bike and get down to 220lbs so that the XXL fits - at this point I'm afraid the bibs and jersey will fuse to my skin if the sun gets out! Trust me the pressure is there for the chemical reaction to happen.

When wearing the kit for a ride last week I had a lady scream at me. First I thought that it was do to my reckless driving - but later found out that she works for the Fashion Police. We all know that the kit looks great when the rest of you ware it - so clearly it was the fit that made her upset. At this point some of you may think what the heck was the dude thinking ordering size XXL in a pro bike ware brand when they offer a XXXL! I KNOW - vanity took over at the moment I ordered the kit. I had biked 16 miles that morning (in a little over an hour) and had only had one donut that day so I felt pretty buff right there. On top of that my mum had just said "have you lost weight" and I suck that stuff up like a 28 year old single girl. Short story long - I ordered the wrong sizes....

I also wanted to vent over the new CVC kits... WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. I have multiple time been almost driving of the road trying to wave to a fellow bike rider on the other side of the road warring a black kit with some blue and green on - only to discover at the last moment that it is a copy cat from CVC! Of all the colors out there why did they have to stele the SPOC colors... Very traumatic VERY UPSETTING. It is hard enough to drive your car, eating some nasty fast food, talking on you phone and then in 3 seconds try to a) figure out if the person riding a bike on the other side of the road is a CVC or SPOC guy b) try to figure out what to shout. Like "Hi! Nice out fit! It is Lars - the big fat f... that you all had to wait on during a few Sunday rides - how are you doing" and then hope that he didn't only hear the middle part, since that would just be "big fat f..." and who like to hear that?
Any ways I'm very upset about the whole CVC copycat issue.

As you might have discovered at this point I'm at my desk and only have a load of report that I have to write and I'm not feeling it today. I guess a quick ride up to the store would be in place.

See you all out there


Britter said...

Good to hear from you, as always! Check out the
for the races and results. Some times write up and pictures will appear here:
and here:
see the left side "recent coverage"

TimmyB. said...


What time is dinner?


TimmyB. said...
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