Monday, February 18, 2008

Dinuba 35+

And my thanks to the men in blue for helping me to win the 35+ race.

We tried to get 2+ guys into breaks for the first 3/4 of the race but they didn't hold, with Paulsen, Bennett, and others reeling them all back in, or at least bridging in a way that wasn't beneficial to us.

Brian tried another tactic, with us all going to the back for a bit to see what would sort out. Two guys went up the road with 10 to go and got a big gap with no one chasing. I gave a chase and Reid from VOS came with. One guy was cooked by the time we got there, and I was satisfied to mostly sit on while they took me to the last turn. Put on some burners to be sure of the win.

Brian also took 2nd in the field sprint for a 5th overall. A good showing.


TimmyB. said...

Once again, impressive work out there. Everyone from the guys in the break to the tail gunner looked strong.

Big Boy Petersen said...


Does it ever get old? You guys are cleaning house when ever you show up! Nice job all of you.
I noticed Dan B on some pictures posted at the CVC site. What race was he in, at Dinuba and how did he do. I think that we should make a rule - If you race in the SPOC colors you have to post a report....

Thanks for taking the time to make the reports so we can follow the progress.