Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wet Early Bird #4

The rain held out until the very beginning of the race today. It didn't take much convincing to get Casey to call it a 45 min race, short of the 60 min schedule. The rain scared people off and we only had about 25 to 30 riders

It started to rain pretty seriously after a couple of laps and then I got a flat. Ex TeamOakland teammate was nice enough to give me a wheel. Casey didn't want to get out of his car, but I figured I was good to jump back in.

Long story short, a four man break came about: Chis Hipp, Stanford guy, Billy Innes, and me. Stanford didn't work, Hipp was tired. Innes always makes 'work' look tireless. They all seemed to be fine with conceding, Innes giving me a nice lead out and me sprinting alone for the 'win'. Still, always nice to cross the finish line first. Real test is next week for the first real crit of the season. Hope to get a team presence out there!


Vincenzo said...

good job Joel, way to represent. Brian got second at the EB Road Race yesterday. Not a bad way to start the season!

boschinator said...

nice ride joel. i'll be there next week to give a little help!


Coby said...

Great job Joel!!!

I think the team's just about ready to join you. I'm going to make Cherry Pie my first race as I'll be cheering on my NY Giants during the Super Bowl next week.

Good Luck!