Friday, February 8, 2008

Just for Lars!!

Hey Lars,
Just since you left the longest reply ever here are some action photos for you.

Here is the Finish.

And Second:

Photo credit to ATN:

Lars, do not worry, time change is almost here, 220 will be no problem when the Tues/Thurs night flogging begins!



Big Boy Petersen said...

Thansk Britter,

I had found those links and had kept and eye out for updates. I guess then main thing I'm looking for is your guys program. When and where are you going? Are you racing all of them in the program? If you ever go as a big group we will need to bring the "tail gate" setup and make a party out of it. I do like the action photos and I think Joel looks like he has his s... together with the arms up and all. Bosch looks a little more...tired - especially for a guy who was saying back in December "I'm legit - the real thing" (easy to say to someone who was figuring out if it was just blod clauds or actual lung tissue I had just spit out).
No more teasing of the old guy - Nice race finiching 1 and 2, lets see some more of that.


Coby said...

Local boys will be racing in Dinuba next Monday which would be a good tailgater. Masters race at 10:00am and Pro 1/2 at 2:15pm. We'll probably do both. See here for race schedule:

We'll be at pretty much all the local stuff for the next couple of months.

Big Boy Petersen said...

Hi Coby,

Looks fun with with short loop and close to home - I unfortunately belong to the regular dying bread of people who work for a living and I will be doing that, that specific day (sorry to tire you with such trivialities). I can see that ther is few races in Fresno and multiday race in Madera. The Visalia on look like quit the event as well. BTW Coby have the baby arrived? I recall that it was shortly after ours... Since we had Baby Mia 4 weeks ago I guess you are up next! If I knew how to add a picture I would have shown the litle "skined monkey".


Coby said...

Wow, congratulations!

We're due March 16th