Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brian gets 3rd in p12

Brian gets 3rd in p12 race today with no help from vinnie or I. He made the eight? Man break that lapped the field.


LP The king of down hill said...


during the weekends and Monday morning I log on like 10 times to see how the team did during the weekend - most times there is no news. Was I glad to see a post here Sunday night! If we have secret code I need to get the key.... "he made the eight"??? "Man break that lapped the field"?????
I guess you need to spend more time on the road to get the clear sight that will help you understand these coded expresions..

BTW Toby and I got went for a nice friendly spin Saturday and felt like men among men going up the hill to the store avarging atleast 10 mph when Butler showed up. We joined forces and had fun ride. As always I strugeled getting out to 168 (those choppy hills don't suit me). But as we turned we hit my terrain (read: down hill) and the peleton streched out! Back on at the store a fourht guy joined and we hammered back to Fresno. the last little hill killed me and we took it slow from there on in. What was going to be a slow spin turned into the fastes ride home I have ever done. For the rest of the weekend I have been waling like Tim gave me more then a wheel to hang on to.
Fun to ride with some of the Legit SPOK guys again. I can't wait to get spanked in Woddward park on a Tuesday evening...
Anyways - hope to see a more full report of the races this weekend (did Tiny V eat the asfalt again this year?).
Big Boy LP

boschinator said...

pretty simple on that one. just take out the ???'s

"he made the eight Man break that lapped the field"

anyway, today was a good day if you're a "mudder". I have a little skill in the wet stuff, so why not race. To my surprise about 50 guys started and by the end of the third lap half were heading home, no surprise there. I just stayed up in the front and thank you a break formed of 8. All the strong guys were there. Two Cal Giants, the "national champ" - Holloway, Switter - rock racing, Wohlberg -Symmetrics , a Metromint, Barrilleaux - Jittery Joes and me (i count as a strong guy)right???
So, with about 5 laps to go we lap the field and went to the front as soon as possible and set up for the finish. I got crossed up going into the final turn and had to touch the brakes a little, so there went any chance to try pull a surprise and had to settle for third.

runjoelrun said...

Ah, just wasn't sure if it was 7 or 8 guys in the break. That was the only question.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the clarification, it now makes completly sense.

Bosch I think that I'm getting it now - you are just a top three kinda guy. Not bad.


runjoelrun said...

I'm still picking pieces of asphalt out of my hair and ears, etc. That was a dirty affair to be sure. A 'mudder' as Brian says. I love that word.