Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Congrats to Tim Bulter for getting his upgrade. Good job!


runjoelrun said...

Great work Tim! Too bad you're still 34 and can't race with the 35+ crowd. Will be good to race w you next year.

TimmyB. said...

Thanks! I couldn't have done it without everyones coaching and advice. It pays off to hang around the fast guys.

Big Boy Petersen said...

Congrates... I hope you still will join the slow boys on a casual ride when we meet you!

BTW - noticed the picture of the flexing legs on your blog - did it work? ;-)

Tiny Lars

TimmyB. said...

The legs seemed to work. Sometimes, they just worked a little better than others.

Im always in for a casual ride!

Big Boy Petesen said...

Casual ride.... It may be casual for you but I have work my a.. off to hang on.

I'm curently trying to become better friends with Sky Harbor road. At this point it is still a very tense relationship and getting 240 lbs up those hills is never going to be a smooth trip. If nothing else, I hope it will make the other hills seems more friendly.

Is the tuesday/Thursday evening rides still on or have you guys switched to 5.30am program?

Tiny Lars