Sunday, June 8, 2008

Santa Rosa 35+

Had a pretty sizable crowd at the 35+ race today, given that the District TT Championships were on at Satley as well. That meant we were missing some heavy hitters, but it was still pretty interesting race. Dirk Copeland in particular.

So they weren't letting me get away with anything the first 15 minutes, but they did let a five man break get away! That really bugged me. That break turned into just two guys but they had 30+ seconds on us.

After a few attempts I finally got away by myself to give chase. I knew that Dirk would show up, which he did, with Fonseca in tow. Me and Dirk started to reel it in, Fonsecan conceding any sprint. With four to go we caught the two. there were off the front. They let Dirk roll away a bit with two to go, then chased him. Then I attacked and Dirk was kind enough to not chase me. Sounds like the other three gave up, cause I was able to solo in from there for the win! It's been a while, being king of second place as of late(or helping the teammates). Glad that Dirk beat the others for second.


veloandvino said...

way to go King.

runjoelrun said...

Thanks Mike, though I'm not sure if your tongue is in your cheek right now.

Mark Caldwell spoke to me for the first time ever after the race. I told him how I've gotten 2nd and 3rd a lot. He said he'd rather by 8th or 9th than 2nd. He says I need to work on my sprint. There's a news flash!