Sunday, June 8, 2008

2 Wheel Crit

Next best thing to ditching in the grass is ditching onto cobblestones apparently. We had an 8 man break about half way through the p1/2 race today when Tore's tubular rolled off his wheel. I was on the back and was the odd man out as everyone drifted into the curb with overlapping wheels. I was very lucky, with almost no road rash, rolling over the median with cobblestones right after turn 1. A bruised hand is the worst damage. Blew the front tubular but the ZIPP survived to see another day.

Two free laps later, got back in the break, but it didn't last very long, coming all back together with about 10 laps to go. The wind wasn't particularly strong today, so was hard to stay away.

Came down to a pack finish. There was a two man CalGiant leadout that helped Briggs win it. Wishing I had tried to attack that last turn cause I was feeling good. As it was I held on to KKlein and Badia's wheels trying to close down Briggs' gap. I got 4th.

They gave me the most aggresive rider bottle of wine. While it will be well drunk, I'm not sure I deserved it. Lots of other attackers out there.

One last note: four out of the top five today were 40+ (PPenn was 5th). Justin said last night it would be a master's day. Guess he was right.

Was good to talk to Brian before the race to learn that he won the 35+ District Championship TT. Nice work Brian.

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thanks joel.

tell us about the masters race!