Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 35+

Tim said it well: this was a rare case of the 35+ race being more fun than the p1/2. The attacks were a bit more sustained and the final couple of laps had more control.

It was Tim, Brian, and I, and we started out with good attacks and were able to get 5 out of 6 primes I think (we still haven't figured out how to share the gift certificate smorgasbord).

Though the attacks were good, nothing stuck since the wind was low. Too easy to speed things up. Specialized looked to be shutting things down, though I suspect that they would have let Metcalf go, who was registered as 35+ not the 45+ field which was also raced with us, picked separately. That mix made things interesting as there was no indication of who was who, so just cross the finish line first right? Larry let me know as I was leading out last lap that he was racing the 45+, but still....

Anyway, we had good control of that last lap. I lead it from one to go for 3/4 of the lap. Brian and Tim went from there. With Brian getting a good lead at final turn and holding it to the line! And Tim got 4th.

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You kept the site interesting. Good work with all the posts. Maybe a moonlighting position with Velo News is in the works.