Sunday, June 22, 2008

About halfway into the 1/2 race Saturday in Napa. While I was in a small break, my back wheel started to feel loose in the "P" turn. I was able to nurse it in for 7th and after the race was surprised to see that the rubber had separated from the casing, 9" long. Got home pumped it up and a minute later the thing blew! Would it have made it another lap???

Sometimes we get lucky.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,
What kind of tire was it? I had the same thing happen to me at Cat's Hill - it was a new conti.

On vacation - see you soon.


boschinator said...

it is a vittoria cx. i think it was caused by the rubber being very thin (the tire has been on the rim from the beginning of the season), the temp pretty hot and the "P" turn was tight and fast which put a lot of force on the tire. I've had great luck with the cx's and to make it through half a race on the casing shows how tuff they are.