Sunday, May 25, 2008

New then Old Golden State Crit Course

For most of the day, the Golden State Crit course was new, with a nice 180 loopout added at turn one. In the p1/2 this made the race really good, making everyone work hard out of the hairpin meant that breaks were more likely to stick.

The team was truly great to ride with. Tim was attacking out of the gate. Vinnie and John added their efforts off the front as well. We were either creating, or getting in, every break up the road. I didn't feel great first 20 min (we almost missed the start due to terrible traffic). The two marked riders in the group, Hollaway and Rapinski, were getting jumped on every time the flinched, which made it also a little easier to slip away.

Tim had a good break going around mid-way. Not sure exactly who was in there, but Hollaway tried to bridge and that created a pack swarm that brought it back. That's the way things were going until about 15 min to go (Daniel asked the time, which is why I remember). There was a break with a 5 sec gap ahead with Rapinski, Justin, and a couple of others. We weren't represented so I bridged, reaching them just as they started to slow some. I accelerated and rode past them. Justin was looking back and I paused briefly to get him on my wheel and took a big pull to take us clear.

We got a pretty good gap quickly. I didn't think things would stay this way, expecting somebody to bridge. There was a chase group of four about 15 secs behind, and the pack was sitting 30 secs back. Very easy to chart your progress with the loopout.

Last two laps the gaps shrunk some, but we stayed away. We both kept working until about half lap to go. Justin was in front til the last turn. I was feeling pretty good about my sprint and jumped at 250 and was about to go by him at 150 yrds when he took me to the curb! Wasn't expecting that and slowed up. I restarted my sprint and threw my bike at the finish and came within inches, but had to settle for 2nd. Justin immediately apologized so...

They removed the 180 halfway through the Cat 5 race! There was a bad crash at end of p1/2 cause of a little lip at the left hand turn, guess they thought it was too dangerous. This made the Masters race even worse than it would have been: negative racing unbridled by the 180 to make it harder on those who sit in.

Tim and I attacked a bunch and finally got into a break together, but he got gapped off with Hernandez. I ended up with 8 or 9: two EMC, Fonseca, Paulsen, the parasite (who started to work after some prodding), couple others. Tried attacking them a bunch, but couldn't get away though managed to wittle it to 6.

Attacked with 1K and gapped them, but I tied up at the last turn and Holtz, Fonseca, and Paulsen came around me. I rode too hard in the break but it was the only way to make it stick I guess.

Again the team was great today.


TimmyB. said...

Nice work fellas. Did you guys get anymore rain or drizzle in the afternoon?

runjoelrun said...

I felt two drops of rain, but the course was bone dry for us luckily!

Anonymous said...

took you to the curb.... Expected, but classless - apology or not, cost the win to a deserving character.