Monday, May 19, 2008

Modesto 35+

Was really good to see Coby back in action, as well as Eric. Along with those two, Tim, Brian, and Matt, we had six guys going into the Modesto Master's race. The heat was rising but it was still bearable at the start., around 85 degrees.

Right off we had some really good teamwork. Tim, Eric, Coby, and I were laying it out there, keeping the field off balance and in control. Each break was getting a little further out, so it was just a matter of time before one would stick.

I had one about 15-20 minutes in, with five others. We got caught at turn one, and I attacked again just as we made contact, taking a few with me. Tim quickly bridged up and laid down some amazing speed on the backstretch, long section. This quickly made a gap, but Brian still was able to bridge, bringing Derdenger with him. It was Scott (TeamOakland), Derdenger and a teammate, Paulsen, the parasite in Red, and three from SPOC.

There was a lot of game playing however, as the parasite, and others weren't taking pulls. Kept leaving a gap everytime I went back after a pull. After a couple of laps of that I figured I would join in the game of chicken and went straight to the back. Derdenger left a gap with me and TO Scott behind it. I wasn't going to work for them, so we were quickly dropped. Since Derdenger is a sprinter, I feel like they gave up a queen for our rook, so it was a reasonable move. TO Scott managed to get back up to the group though.

Sounds like Tim and Brian put in a really good attack though, cause they dropped the entire group except for Paulsen. Great work... They held on for a 1st and 2nd finish!

I promise Eric, I will get better at the lead out. I feel like we should have won the pack sprint, but I didn't do the best in the last lap and Eric got 4th in pack sprint (they officially gave hime 5th, 8th overall, cause the camera wasn't working). Coby and I were 9th and 10th.

Great fun riding with this team!

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Coby said...

Thanks Joel, good review!

Although I crossed the line on your back so I know you finished in front of me!

Either way, 5 in the top 10 is not too bad, huh?