Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day p1/2

The final sign that nothing was going to stay away was when I saw Wohlberg sit up rather than
bridge to another break attempt. He knew what everyone had realized: it was a bunch sprint.

It was Tim, Vinnie, John, Brian, and me. We tried to attack but as I say: nothing came of it.

The average speed was right at 30 mph, and we hit 34+ on the backstretch every lap. Last lap I did 39.5 and I never even sprinted. Two and three laps to go was frustrating as BPG had four guys at the front but didn't speed it up even more. Riggs went to the front yelling and took some pulls. I pulled with 2 to go as well, trying to set up Brian and John.

The final sprint got pretty chaotic and as I mentioned, the final straight was really fast. John got pinched in final turn and held out for 9th, I think he would have been some spots higher. It was Hollway, Klein, Magnell, Rapinski in top four.

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