Thursday, April 10, 2008


Not exactly a race report, but info that needs to get out. The Superfeet guy will be in Town(Fresno) next Tuesday, at Barrow's PT. Touch bases with Paul over there and he will get you on the list for custom or semi-custom setup. I know few of us have the regular inserts and they feel GREEEEEAAAAT! (that was a Tony the Tiger impression).

Now if any of this information is wrong, then it's Greg Mellors fault, as he was telling me this on the ride tonight,HA!


Big Boy Petersen said...

What a thursday ride! I was so freaking fired up when I got home that was ready for another ride. Did I bet on the wrong horse or what going out to Friant (who knew that Dan and Greg was going to cruise all the way out there). I was so bitter that I didn't go with one of the first groups getting out to Frient earlier - I need another 30 sec to climb that hill and then I could have joined Greg and Dan for the last strech out to the turn. Anyways.... Big Boy Petersen made it home with the group!!! I think you are right Britter - flying the colors are good for another 3mph! I don't even want to know what the Superfeet stuff can do.
Good luck this weekend in Madera.
Tiny Lars

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