Monday, April 7, 2008

SC 35+ race

Against better judgement I couldn't resist doing the 35+ race. I knew it would mean that I wouldn't be 100% for the p1/2 race, but on the other hand I've never won a Tshirt here...

The race had around 50 I would guess. I was only representive from Team 'Knucklehead', rest of the group was lots of MS, Specialized, some EMC guys. Hutch. need to an eye kept on him. Langley... maybe a break is in order. No Phipps. Metcalf... good for a flyer at some point.

The race was short at 18 miles, so it gets pretty active. Metcalfe is off the front at some point, but nothing too dangerous. EMC goes for a prime, has a good gap which I was able to bridge on the hill. I thought I would get it, but up comes Larry and that Zenn guy that always looks angry (irony??).

With ten to go, Roemer is off the front for a $50 prime. I'm moving up the pack from the back and luck out: Hutch jumps out of the pack right in front of me and I'm on his wheel taking a wild ride up the hill, pick up Roemer, take the prime, and it's off to the races.

Roemer 'looks' to be hurting and doesn't work too much. Hutch and I work enough to get a good gap going, but can hear the announcer saying that there is a chase group with at least Martin and Larry. Pour it on cause I'm alone and don't want to duke it out with more guys. With one to go, Mike and Roemer kind of sit up and look at me. I know Roemer is just waiting for Larry who has ditched the rest and bridging solo, I figured Hutch was doing the same, not knowing who was coming.

I took the bait and tried to gap them, ended up leading most of the last lap and taken in the sprint. 3rd was nice though, first Tshirt in this race ever.

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Coby said...

Great job Joel! I can't wait to get back out there!