Monday, April 7, 2008

I love Santa Cruz...

... really John should do the race report but I've never seen him do a post, so let me try to do a play by play from the back of the pack (which is where I was for first 30 laps, sorry team). Please feel free to add in more details.

We had Tim, John, Vince, and me. Total riders of 70 or so. Riders to watch: Reaney off his effort from Martinez, ditto Fraga. Bissell rider Zwisanski, BMC rider Gavin, some Rocks (Switters, Klein), other dangerous characters.

(excuses to follow, feel free to ignore:) I was pretty tired from two races at Martinez, then doing 35+ race at noon, but couldn't pass up another 50 times up the SC hill, so...

Tim, John, and Vince did a good job of covering the front at the beginning of the race. A sizable break did get away early that seemed like it was 10 or so. Apparently whittled down to three then caught. I didn't think the race was quite as hard as last year (lapped by Kodak). About 30 laps in I did one piece of work to close a big gap that me, John, and Vince were caught behind. Right after that Vince goes to the front and starts to hammer with Bissell, causing a break that took nine riders with it, including John.

I don't have too many details on what happened in the break: Bissell managed to break free and lap the field solo, leaving Reaney to take his group for 2nd. John got 6th, and Vince got 7th. Sounds like they worked a bunch in the break too.

Back in the field, Tim and I and CalGiant were blocking/not working in the field. Another group of nine got off that got 9th thru 17th. The 'field' fighting for 18th.

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