Monday, April 21, 2008

Sea Otter Circuit Race (3 hours of complete suffering)

This was probably the toughest race I have ever done. You do 31 laps which comes out to 70 miles with 300 feet of climbing per lap. The toughest part though was the 100 mph winds on the top of the climb and the back side of the course. I tried to stay towards the front, but it was very difficult, I think all 116 guys had the same idea. In the beginning I wasn't having trouble on the climb, it was the cross wind section. Every lap guys were getting shelled and you would have to close the gap. A group of 4 guys got away and then a chase group of 15-20 guys went. I was in a pack of about 20 guys. At this point trying to get up the road wasn't even an option, I was in complete survival mode. I would say the last 15 laps were pretty much taking the race 1 lap at a time trying to get over the climb and thru the windy section. The results said 47 guys finished and I was 39th. I have never been so happy about a 39th place before!


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