Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Today Vinny and I took advantage of the warm weather (60+) and rode up to the top of Tollhouse and back. At the start of the ride, the legs were complaining about the 4 previous days of riding. We took the first hour easy and from Watts Valley I turned it up a few clicks over Pittman Hill. After going up "Tee-Pee Hill" easy the legs were feeling a little better so Vinny and I pull off the road and strip down to shorts and jerseys. Roll into Tollhouse, got the watch ready and "GO". In 36:58 Vinny was at the top and 1:03 later I show up. I was all in for the whole climb - heart rate = 180 - 187. Pretty good times for January. I was shooting for sub 40, so I'm very happy with a 38:01. We pushed the pace back home until I cried "uncle" to Vinny with about 45min left in the ride.

Didn't like it when I was doing it, but glad I did it.


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