Sunday, November 18, 2007

Summer in November

Rode up to O'neals today for a casual ride with friends and sponsors and took a few pics.

We're still blessed by the weather. It's amazing to be able to ride mid November in 70 degree temperatures.

After the ride we jetted over to Woodward Park to watch the cross races and even sat in the feed zone to hand water out to our boy Britter. He was definitely feeling the pang in his legs from the 100 miler yesterday.

We then even had a chance to catch Sasser mixing it up with some of the kids in the BMX events. It's pretty cool that we have so much in cycling in Fresno right now.

I was able to get a couple of shots of the boys making the climb today. The one above is Dan Barrows racing Bosch to the top. Then all around good guy Toby Johnson and Lars at the bottom providing a good draft for the big rig on his tail.

All in all, a good day!


MarkS said...

It was fun to see you guys out there rocking a lap of the CX course on your road bikes.......mas fun.

BMX was good, CJ won both his AM and PM races and I won my PM race so it was all good.

Need to shave my legs and get rolling soon though.

Lucky for me there is time.


boschinator said...

thanks guys for the great ride today. see ya again on sunday.

it's was fun to watch britter 'cross' it up. better you than me.

and the sasser. what else can i say?! the man can bmx for an old timer. good times today.

thanks again all.

Britter said...

24 hours later the dirt rash is down to a mild stinging, it only ended up from forearm to shoulder on the right arm. Dirt rash is much better than road rash for sure. Once the color comes out on the hip I'll have some nice pictures!

The cross race are fun and we are lucky to have them close enough to ride to!

Thanks to Coby for the water feeds. With the right tires (non mud) and not having 95 miles in my legs I might even be in the hunt for the front, HA!. Good to see Sasser and kids having fun right next door at the BMX track.

Lars Petersen said...

Hey Coby bye putting the picture of me in at the end some may assume that I was last up the hill! Please change the order to fit the true order of riders on the hill. I'm sure toby was after me.... well there was at least others the got to top later then me - did you get any pictures of the 70 year old guy rideing on the old water pipes?
All I got to say is "watch out Vinni".

Thanks for waitng!

Lars "tiny" Petersen

BTW - the truck saved two gallons from drafting... Im a environmental rider.