Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ode To Wide Lanes

The open range of asphalt paradise we've been accustomed to riding lately has a fresh coat of paint and soon may be open to vehicular traffic. Today may be the last day we get to ride Friant Road as a group with no worries of looking over our shoulders for oncoming traffic. It has been nice hasn't it?
Today's training ride was nice and relaxed. It's just what the guys needed as most were coming off a four day brick session and getting up to O'Neals wasn't what it ususally is. Dead legs and glassy eyes were the theme today and most were happy enough to go home and watch some football. Although I heard, "hanging Christmas lights" in several conversations.

Next week is an week off and most of us will only get a couple of hours riding in. I think next week I'll put some energy in at the office before they start wondering where I've been. Maybe some of the guys should spend some time with their wives. Maybe Vinny should take his mom out to dinner. LOLIt was nice to have Greg and Toby drag us in. It was pretty windy on the ride home and even though we weren't racing, it was no fun on the front.

Lar's on his new bike punked everyone for the final sprint of the day up Willow. I think it's time to pin a number on that guy!


boschinator said...

yeah, today was just what i needed. a good spin up to o'neals with a fun group of riders. the best part of today was watching lars callin' out toby with the chicken dance for the final sprint points.

i ended up with 474 miles for the week. that's what i normally do in a month!

rest week here i come...

Anonymous said...

My first blog got censured! – I guess it had too many references to the area that gets numb after riding a new saddle (Let’s see if this gets bye Coby).

Coby your camera is broken! On all the pictures I’m either riding in the back or eating! Besides that it looks like I’m 6”6’ and 250lbs next to some of the other guys…

A new bike is like being in love for the first time, you feel all giggly and do stupid things (both of them can also get you soar down… no I leave that on), and Calling Toby out with nothing left to give was plain stupid. At least I could pull my bike up the hill faster then him and I even kept breakfast down.

Rest week is strongly over rated and I already look forward to next Sunday! I don’t know what is so exciting about sitting out in the cold with your legs on fire thawing on lung tissue (it tastes just like chicken) – It most be the group of guys! I know I will be heading for bed at 9.30pm on Saturday and shaking my head of anyone who even consider drinking alcohol looking forward to another “slow and relaxing ride” with the guys in “Blue and white”

Thanks for waiting – again!

Lars “Tiny” Petersen

Toby said...

I offer noe excuses for my weakness. I am just slow


Toby said...

I can't spell either