Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Great Day for a Sick Day Ride

Today was 80* and I chose to ride 84 miles with Vinny "the kid" Owens and Coby "big rig" Horton, instead of driving the brown box 140. I must say that "the kid" has come a long way from the day he first came out to ride with the group. Today he showed me just how much it sucks getting old. Every time the road looked upward, vinny would vanish into the horizon.

Mark my words, people. This dude is going to be a BIG player in '08.

Looking forward to a great group ride this weekend with the new team.

There's a lot of talk out there about who's going to do this and that, but that's talk. It will be pretty interesting to hear the talk after the season starts.



Coby said...

Yeah Boschinator!!!

After Vinny and I left you, we limped into a Port of Subs and crashed. I think if I had to go any longer ,I would have bonked for sure. Weird day

runjoelrun said...

Nice... wait until the season starts before all the talk is good advice...

Looking forward to tomorrow to meet and greet everyone. Check out some Fresno rides...