Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winters RR

Managed an RR win finally today at Winters, 35+ race. There was a big Sierra Nevada presence, and their man was Dan Bryant. SJBC, Form Fitness, MS, all were there in some numbers.

I really wanted to get away and went with an early break, 3 miles in or so. It turned into Chris(Lombardi), ChicoCorsa guy, Dan Bryant. Wire bridged across to us at the top of the first climb. After that we didn't see much of the group. Lombardi got dropped on second climb, leaving four for the last lap. The group was good, all working.

ChicoCorsa tried to go first in the sprint, and I tried to stay patient and came around him for the finish.

Vince got 10th in the p1/2. Don't know two many details except that a two man break stuck. Wohlberg was 3rd.

I got stung by a bee with a mile to go. If you want to see my ugly mug even uglier you can. It's pretty unsightly, you've been warned

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Anonymous said...

awesome job joel congrats-Paul