Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dunnigan Hills 35+

I skulked into the Masters race. Should have supported Vinnie in the p1/2 and his Cal Cup hopes, but.... The Wolhberg, Hollaway thing... and I had some Cal Cup hopes of my own.

First lap we had an eight man break, but it wasn't working well together and got caught at the beginning of the second lap, but the group had whittled down, and guys were tired. The next 5 miles, we're parading at a snails pace. At the end of the first set of rollers, 25-30 m to go, I attack, thinking I could take a couple others with me.

Instead I'm left dangling for 15 min in the heavy crosswind solo, staying at 20 sec. Turn right into the headwind, and next time I look it's more like 40 sec, so I really start going. By the time I go thru second feed, I can't see them at all.

I do the descent, get to the tailwind, still no one, so I roll the last 8 miles, and that's it! Hipp was a min behind me the whole time, turns out, but the peloton was at 3 min.

In the p1/2, Wohlberg and Jesse Moore had something like 7 min on the group. Not sure how the rest shook out.

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Coby said...

Sweet, congratulations Joel!