Sunday, September 14, 2008

Folsom Circuit Race

We had a better field than yesterday, with riders showing up fresh from the SF Twilight Crit. 41 was the count I believe.

This course was great, never seen anything like it. 1.5 miles, multiple chicane section, hairpin, descent thru tunnel, roll up and over bridge over American river, back over another bridge, rise to the finish. Only one pothole to worry about, otherwise wide, smooth asphalt.

Multiple attacks from the beginning. Two or three laps and fifteen minutes in, a break of five develops that gets a good gap. I attack thru the tunnel expecting to be chased, but they don't. I bridge and off we go with Tyler, JD, AC Chris, two others. Three are suffering, and three laps later JD takes a big pull and then there were three! We still had 30 min to go and it got pretty painful. Important note: I'm the only GC guy in the break. I needed 10 places on the leader to win the omnium, but this was the only chance, so I gave it a lot, especially last two laps.

JD and Tyler started to take less pulls cause they know I need the break. I was happy to oblige, it was much better than I imagined, especially since I could see some other non GC guys bridging. Turns out the leader was over ten places back at the finish and I win the Omnium. And these guys payed out something fierce. $320 for 1st, bit more for 3rd in the race.

Plus, got 2nd in the Masters Omnium. VOS team of Martin and Paulsen had a tight rein on me, but was fun nontheless. Jeff took the win, rightly so....


boschinator said...

good job joel, and thanks for a great year of racing!

Anonymous said...

Keith deFiebre said.......

Nice riding Joel

it was fun racing with you on the weekend and you were awesome doing both divisions.

I was stoked to win the Circuit race in the Masters division, and having you in the field made the win legit!

time for you to get some rest eh?