Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brian 7th today

In the p/1 today, real serious field, psuedo NRC, great result. The pic isn't too readable but it was Sutter Home first, Horner 2nd, BJM 3rd. That group of three lapped the field, the rest are in the field.

I got 2nd in the 35 race, out of a 10 man break. I didn't like the break cause there were three teams with 2 riders each. But it worked out pretty well. Hutchinson led out the last lap for Bennett and I was sitting third wheel. I blew the second to last turn which blew my chances for a win.

Pretty good day. 72 miles of fast crit racing and still another 72 miles tomorrow makes for a good workout.

The 2's was a bit of crash fest, and John was a little spooked for the last couple of laps.

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