Monday, October 22, 2007

It's October!

We were lucky on our Sunday ride to not only have terrific weather but lucky enough to be joined by some of our friends and sponsors. gotta luv em. They do so much for us just for the love of the sport. It's awesome to be out there with them. Thanks to the folks at Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic Center, Stewart Title, Mercedes Benz of Fresno, Barrows, and others"

I brought the camera out today for the first time ever and had a blast taking a few photos. I know I probably irritated the hell out of the guys and I wish I could have posted all the pics but downloading these suckers would take all night. Learning how to blog.......well, that's another story.

Here's a pic of Bosch and Eric Hanson setting pace on the front
Vince...this kid is faster than crap but when you have to wait for him to change a tire, forget about it. Take a look at Eric's expression.
Cruising to the top of Spark Plug hill. I hate things that go up!
Thre crew bright an early

Bill...this guy is great to ride with and loves to go down hill!
The skipper and little buddy
Bosch and Hanson still at the front
Hanson and Britter deep in thought

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Anonymous said...

This is good stuff

boschinator said...

first post ever!

now you're all in for it!

Coby said...

Holy cow, he lives!

Britter said...

It is going to be trouble now that Bosch is on the keyboard!